Koninklijke Bibliotheek

The koninklijke bibliotheek (The royal library of The Hague) is one of the most presteen libraries in The Netherlands. I was projectleader of a group, including myself and four others. We researched their target audience with the end goal of making this particular group, read more literairy works.

We ended the project by delivering a high-fid prototype, made to combine the effects of modern day cinema with literature.
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Whilst working at E-Flux I was put in charge of the full branding and website creation of a new proposition. This proposition was called "". A SaaS based company which specialized in e-mobility charging software.

The software would be used by other companies to manage their internal EV fleet. They were looking for a modern and clean branding which would fit with their view on e-mobility. Click the button below to read about the proces and see the results.

Look at casestudy

Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam is one of the biggest housing associations in Rotterdam. Housing over 60.000 families all over Rotterdam. They wanted us to help them find a way to get closer to their target audience, but after some research we found that this wasn't at all what their renters wanted.

This is why we ended up making an un home platform, made to offer extra services to the people that did want to get closer to this corporation and had added value to the people that did not want this type of contact.

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