How do we brand an
e-mobility SaaS business?

This project came into my hands when I was working at E-Flux. They launched a new proposition which would revolve around selling the management software that E-Flux used as a separate product. Because they wanted to separate the software aspect from the e-mobility part, they decided to launch a new company. This company would take on the task of selling the software. But this company needed its own brand. This is where I came in.

Sketching and iterating

A good concept and design always starts by talking in depth to the stakeholders. Listen to what they want, what they want to bring across and what they stand for. After knowing this I wanted to combine an actual road with a signal. Think of a wifi symbol with three curves.

See here the first iteration with custom favicon and font type.

Final logo and branding

On the left you can see the final logo. After discussing the first iteration with all stakeholders IĀ used the feedback to come to a new concept. This concept was immediately accepted and used as the final logo for Whilst I created the logo, there needed to be an overall style that fit with the branding that the stakeholders were looking for.

See branding guide


After iterating on the design elements and having them validated by all stakeholders I started designing the webpage. This started out with sketches that later turned into a low- and then high-fid prototype. This prototype was then again validated with all stakeholders and worked into a fully functional website.

See final design

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